Harami 2020 full movie

Harami 2020 full movie

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Added : Dec 15, 2020
Ratings :  8.1  /

Released : Dec 11, 2020
Genre : Drama
Length : 100 min
Country : India
Language : Hin


Actors : Emraan Hashmi, Subrat Dutta, Aditya Kumar, Sachin Parikh, Diksha Nisha, Jairoop Jeevan, Harsh Rajendra Rane, Dhanshree Patil, Starr Liu, Rizwan Shaikh, Hemant Bisht, Ashutosh Gaikwad, Durgesh Gupta, Rohan Sood, Vinod Suryavanshi, Payar Ali, Deepak Kumar Bhandu, Vishal Tanker, Aditya Bhagat, Sarthak Dusane, Jeevan Mathai, Sahil Patel, Vedant, Kushal Koli, Rajesh Agarwal, Manish Mishra, Machindra Gadkar, Rashish Bhuran, Burjor Patel, Yash Rajesh Kamble
Director : Shyam Madiraju
Writer : Shyam Madiraju, Shahin Khosravan, Prashant Pandey
Description : An orphan teenage pickpocket working the trains of Mumbai along with his gang, embarks on a life-altering journey when faced by the daughter of one of his victims who’s committed suicide after being robbed. Harami 2020 full movie

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Harami 2020 full movie
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A modern
A modern Oliver Twist set in bustling Mumbai, Harami tells the story of a teenage pickpocket who develops a conscience after one of his targets commits suicide. Newcomer Rizwan Shaikh charms as a humble urchin who discovers that just because he’s a thief doesn’t mean he can ignore the pain that others are experiencing. Yet despite some heartfelt performances and the lively energy emanating from the Indian metropolis, this romantic drama can be little too slick and formulaic to be as affecting as one might hope.

Harami receives its world
Harami receives its world premiere at the Busan Film Festival and is the second feature from Indian-born commercial and film director Shyam Madiraju, whose debut was the 2015 English-language survival drama Eden. Most of Harami’s cast are first-timers, but popular screen presence Emraan Hashmi (playing a vicious crime boss) will help entice viewers. And with American filmmaker Paul Feig credited as an executive producer, it’s clear Madiraju has his sights set on worldwide distribution, which will start with a US release on December 11, currently set for theatres.

When we first meet Pachpan Shaikh, we discover that he, like all the child pickpockets who work for mobster Sagar Hashmi, is identified by a number, not a name. Sagar’s rationale is that it makes it easier to tell all his thieves apart, although it also serves to dehumanise these “haramis,” or “bastards,” who have been abandoned by their families and forced to live a criminal life.

Pachpan may be Sagar’s prized pickpocket  he’s stealthier and more agile than his cohorts  but the boy known as 55 has recently started feeling guilty about the innocent victims of his crimes, quietly following them back to their residences to spy on them and learn more about their lives. One day, though, he gets more intimately involved after a widowed father jumps in front of a train, bereft that the money he had borrowed to pay for his daughter Uma’s Dhanshree Patil wedding has been stolen. Without revealing his connection to the dead man, Pachpan befriends Uma, and a romantic spark slowly begins to grow.

In its early stretches, Harami exudes the same electricity as Sagars scrappy urchins when they work in tandem to swipe wallets from commuters and tourists at Mumbai’s crowded train stations. But Shaikh’s unguarded sincerity hints at Pachpans soulfulness  he may be an excellent thief, but he has no love for this dirty work, especially when he starts spending time with Uma, who now must take care of her younger sister all on her own.

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