Terminator Dark Fate 2019

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Quality : BRRip
Added : Jan 31, 2020
Ratings :  6.3  /
Rated : R
Released : Nov 01, 2019
Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Length : 128 min
Country : United States
Language : English, Hindi
Actors : Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Luna, Natalia Reyes, Tom Hopper, Cassandra Starr, Brett Azar, Diego Boneta, Tábata Cerezo, Steven Cree, Pete Ploszek, Enrique Arce, Mario de la Rosa, Christine Horn, Samantha Coughlan, Rochelle Neil, Stephanie Gil, Claudia Trujillo, Fraser James, Arlette Torres, Kacy Owens, Björn Freiberg, Stephen Oyoung, Jude Collie, Ana Batuecas, Nick Wittman, Blair Jackson, Alicia Borrachero
Director : Tim Miller
Writer : James Cameron, Charles H. Eglee, Josh Friedman, David S. Goyer, Justin Rho..
Description : Sarah Connor and a hybrid cyborg human must protect a young girl from a newly modified liquid Terminator from the future.Terminator Dark Fate 2019


Dani, Grace, and Sarah retreat to a motel. Sarah reveals that she found them because in the years since John’s death, she has received encrypted messages detailing the locations of arriving Terminators, each ending with “For John”, allowing her to destroy them before they become threats.Terminator Dark Fate 2019 Grace notes that Skynet and John do not exist in her future and thus Sarah had succeeded in destroying the former after Cyberdyne went defunct. However, humanity’s future is threatened by another AI called Legion, originally developed for cyberwarfare; this system is built in Skynet’s place. When Legion became a threat to humans, an attempt was made to neutralize it with nuclear weapons, resulting in a nuclear holocaust and the AI creating a global network of machines to terminate the human survivors. The survivors then organized as the Human Resistance to counter Legion’s onslaughts, and Dani’s destiny is linked to their war against it.

Grace traces Sarah’s messages to Laredo, Texas. Barely evading the Rev-9 and the authorities while crossing the Mexico–United States border, they arrive at their source, where they discover the same T-800 that murdered John. Having fulfilled its mission and with Skynet no longer existing, the T-800 was left aimless. Through learning, however, it became self-aware. During that time, it learned from humanity and developed a conscience, taking the name “Carl” and adopting a human family. After learning how its actions affected Sarah and being able to detect the location of temporal displacements, Carl decided to forewarn her of them to give her purpose to make amends. Carl offers to join them against the Rev-9, and they prepare to destroy it, with Sarah begrudgingly agreeing to work together for Dani’s sake. Anticipating the Rev-9’s arrival, Carl bids its family farewell and tells them to escape.

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