XMan Days Future Past

XMan Days Future Past

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Quality : BRRip
Added : May 22, 2016
Ratings :  8.0  /
Rated : PG-13
Released : May 23, 2014
Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Length : 132 min
Country : United States,United Kingdom,Canada
Language : English, Hindi
Actors : Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Nicholas Hoult, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Shawn Ashmore, Omar Sy, Evan Peters, Josh Helman, Daniel Cudmore, Bingbing Fan, Adan Canto, Booboo Stewart, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Lucas Till, Evan Jonigkeit, Mark Camacho, Alexander Felici, Jan Gerste, Massimo Cannistraro, Mike Dopud, Lee Villeneuve, Andreas Apergis
Director : Bryan Singer
Writer : Simon Kinberg, Jane Goldman,XMan Days Future Past
Description : In the future, the mutants and the humans that help them are slaughtered by powerful robots named Sentinels. Professor Xavier, Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, Kitty Pryde and her friends meet at a monastery in China and Xavier explains that the invincible Sentinels were created using the DNA of Mystique that was captured in 1973 when she tried to assassinate their creator Dr. Bolivar Trask. Xavier tells that their only chance is re..


Awakening in his younger body in 1973, Wolverine goes to the X-Mansion, learning from Hank McCoy that the school has been closed for years due to many students and staff being drafted into the Vietnam War, and Lehnsherr being falsely arrested for assassinating fellow mutant John F. Kennedy. A young, broken Xavier turned to alcoholism and frequently uses a specialized serum that allows him to walk but suppresses his telepathic abilities. Hoping to reunite with Mystique, Xavier agrees to help Wolverine. The trio infiltrate The Pentagon and break Lehnsherr out of prison, aided by the newly recruited Peter Maximoff.

Raven discovers Trask has been experimenting on mutants, and in revenge, she plots to assassinate him at the Paris Peace Accords, but Xavier, McCoy, and Logan foil her attempt. Lehnsherr attempts to kill Raven, believing this could prevent the Sentinel takeover. An alarmed McCoy fights him, allowing Raven to escape but publicly exposing the three as mutants. Trask takes advantage of this and successfully convinces President Richard Nixon to initialize the Sentinel program.

Lehnsherr retrieves his helmet from military custody, using it to block Xavier’s psychic powers, and secretly takes control of Trask’s Sentinel prototypes by infusing them with metal. Returning to the X-Mansion, Xavier abandons the serum, regaining his mutant power, and communicates with his future self, who inspires him to protect the relationship between mutants and humans. After Xavier uses his mutant-tracking computer Cerebro to find Mystique, he along with McCoy and Logan travel to Washington, D.C., to stop Raven’s continuing plan to assassinate Trask.

At a ceremony where Nixon unveils the Sentinels, the three search for the disguised Raven. Magneto appears, controlling the Sentinels, and barricades the White House within the outer structure of Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. During the battle, Magneto impales Logan with rebar and throws him into the Potomac River. Nixon, Trask, and a disguised Raven retreat to the White House Bunker, but Magneto rips reinforcing steel bars out of the building with the intention of killing Nixon.

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